TEDMED – Media Relations and Community Management – 2013 – present

TEDMED is the premiere festival of ideas and innovation in science, technology and medicine bringing together in an annual meeting the leaders in health, investment, and media to examine the breakthrough science and technology. Since 2013 Another Option has provided media relations services to the annual meeting and has cultivated media relationships with journalists and producers from NPR, Washington Post, the BBC, Fast Company, and industry professional media. Media services range from live podcasts, radio and television programs, digital reports and blogs, and live Twitter and Instagram feeds.

In the news: Fast Company  |   Washington Post  |  NPR KQED

Sector: Health, Technology  | Country: US

Tags: Strategic Communication, Branding, Digital Media, Social Media, Media Relations, TEDMED

USAID – Read Liberia – 2017-2022

Another Option is applying their Social and Behavior Change approach to early grade reading as part of the USAID Read Liberia project‎. The five-year activity, managed by RTI International, integrates activities in community engagement, social mobilization, and interpersonal communication between peers (parent to parent) and teachers to parents. Another Option is adapting many of the successes and lessons learned from its literacy work in Nepal to the Liberian context, including the development of culture-specific community engagement materials.

To ensure the project’s sustainability after the life of the project, Another Option is also engaging with the private sector in Liberia to create opportunities for strategic impact investment.

Sector: Education | Country: Liberia

Tags: Community Engagement, Social Mobilization, Qualitative Research, Social and Behavior Change, Education, Early Grade Reading, Impact Investing, Public Private Partnerships, Gender, Training and Capacity Building, Africa, Liberia, Education, MEL

Deloitte – USAID Southern Africa Energy Program – 2017-2022

Social and Behavior Change (SBC) is not new to development energy issues, and Another Option’s technical team has applied its SBC approach in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East to a wide-range of energy issues over the last 20 years.

The USAID Southern Africa Energy Program is an eleven-country initiative aimed to increase power generation and access to electricity throughout the Southern Africa region. Another Option is responsible for regional advocacy and social and behavior change to increase the use of renewable energy, affect policy change, and strengthen regional leaders in the energy sector. Activities and strategies range from increased awareness among consumers, private sector investment and engagement, advocacy for long-term change through regulatory and policy change, and benefits to households and underserved population. The five-year project is based in Pretoria and managed by Deloitte.

Sector: Energy | Countries: Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Tags: Social and Behavior Change, Communication, Branding, Strategic Planning, Gender, Research, Public Private Partnership,  Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation and Learning (MEL), Africa, Energy, Power Africa, USAID

JSI – Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services (RHITES), North – Lango – 2018-2023

Another Option is the strategic lead for social and behavior change on the USAID Uganda-funded Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services (RHITES) North – Lango managed by John Snow International (JSI). The focus of this five-year effort is to increase the utilization of health services in HIV, malaria, TB and Mother and Child Health by improving the delivery of integrated services and increasing the skills of health providers, local community-based organizations and civil society.

Another Option will develop the five-year SBC strategy and support the capacity building for interpersonal communication, social mobilization, community outreach activities and advocacy programs. An important element of this strategy will be cross-sectoral work with education, economic development, gender, youth and agriculture.

Sector: Health | Country: Uganda

Tags: Community Engagement, Social and Behavior Change, Social Mobilization, Advocacy, Communication Research, Capacity Building, Gender, Research, MEL, CLA, Uganda, Africa, HIV and AIDS, Health System Strengthening, FP, Nutrition, MCH

USAID Nepal – Early Grade Reading Program

The Early Grade Reading Program, managed by RTI International, aims to improve reading outcomes for over one million young learners in Nepal in partnership with the country’s Ministry of Education and USAID. As a key member of a consortium of organizations, Another Option’s technical experts on the ground are working to increase family and community support for early grade reading using evidence-based approaches in social and behavior change communications. Our work emphasizes mass media, advocacy and public awareness, active programming includes a variety of public service announcements, media engagement, and resource building related to the promotion of parents as active participants in the education of young readers across the country. The program is planned to run for five years, ending in 2019.

Sector: Education | Country: Nepal

Tags: Social and Behavior Change, Communication, Literacy, Community Engagement, Gender, Social Mobilization, Capacity Building, Training, Research, MEL, Material Development, Graphic Design, Early Grade Reading, Media Relations, Advocacy, South Asia, Nepal, USAID, Education

USAID’s Global Health Program Cycle Improvement Project (GH Pro) 2016-Present

This five-year multi-million-dollar award is to provide technical assistance to Global Health Bureau at USAID on a wide-range of activities: health program evaluations, MEL, and program support. Another Option’s technical experts have led evaluations of a range of projects including Health System Strengthening, Social Marketing and Social and Behavior Change, and training and capacity building programs. It also has provided technical program support in management and technical skills.

Sector: Health | Countries: Global, Haiti, Nigeria

Tags: Evaluations, Program Management, Knowledge Mangement, Team Leadership, Social and Behavior Change, Social Marketing, Health Systems Strengthening, Global Health, Family Planning, Capacity Building and Training, Supply Chain, Research, Community Engagement,

World Bank – Service Delivery Indicators Initiative

Another Option provided strategic communication and technical support to the World Bank Service Delivery Indicators Initiative, a unique 10-year program that measures the service delivery indicators in the health and education sectors in more than ten African countries. In addition to developing the SDI website, Another Option is providing assistance in social and digital-media, message development, and technical support on country launches and media outreach.

Sectors: Health and Education  |  Countries: Global, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Senegal, Togo

Tags: Communication, Branding, Digital Media, Social Media, Message Development, Research, Indicators, Graphics, Web Design, Education Service Delivery, Health Service Delivery, Africa

World Bank – Gender-focus and Social Inclusion for Food- and Nutrition- Security

Another Option LLC and its Nepal partner, Right Direction Nepal, designed and conducted gender-focused qualitative research on breastfeeding and infant and young child feeding in the rural areasof Nepal. The research findings will be used to design messages and materials for an effective Behavior Change Communication activity targeted to mothers, fathers, and mothers-in-law. Final Report, September 2014

Sectors: Food Security, Nutrition Security, Gender | Country: Nepal

Tags: Qualitative Research, Nutrition, Gender, Social and Behavior Change,  Social Marketing, Asia, Nepal, Program Design, Graphic Design, Material Development

USAID – Girl Rising Country Partnership – 2013-2014

Another Option provided technical assistance in developing the proposal, designing the BCC country interventions and assisting with implementation planning for the Girl Rising Country Partnership in India, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria. This gender-focused public-private partnership initiative is to encourage and increase girls’ education. The project ran from October 2013 to February 2014.

Sector: Girls Education

Countries: Nigeria, India, Democratic Republic of Congo

Tags: Gender, Education, Public Private Partnership, Impact Investment, Branding, Communication, Girls Education, Program Management, Global Development Alliance, Advocacy, Africa, India

T-MARC – New Business Development Consulting

The Tanzania Marketing and Communications Company, or T-MARC for short, delivers evidence-based social marketing and behavior change communication solutions to improve people’s lives through a variety of health, social, and economic activities. Another Option is supporting the small NGO in new business development, new service development, and institutionalizing best practices in donor search and retention.

Sectors: Health, Family Planning, Water and Sanitation | Country: Tanzania

Tags: Social and Behavior Change, Impact Investment, Public Private Partnership, Social Marketing, New Business Development, Program Management, Tanzania, Africa

UNAIDS – Public Relation Tools Development

Another Option will develop annual communication and public relation tools for the UNAIDS Communications and Global Advocacy Office. This was a three-year contract.

Sectors: Health | Country: Global

Tags: Communication, Public Relations, HIV and AIDS, Advocacy, Writing and Editing, Global Advocacy

USAID – Restoring the Environment through Prosperity, Livelihoods, and Conserving Ecosystems (REPLACE)

As a member of dTS’s winning bid for the project, Another Option will be the technical lead in behavior change and communication in country projects. REPLACE is a five-year program running through 2019.

Sector: Environment | Countries: Global

Tags: Social and Behavior Change, Gender, Research, M&E, Strategic Design, Social and Digital Communication, Global, Agriculture, Economic Development, Environment

Insight Group – Primary Health Care Project

Another Option provided communication technical assistant to the Insight Group that is designing communication messages and materials for the Primary Health Care Project in Iraq. The focus was on demand creation of services and products as part of the health services strengthening in Iraq.

Sector: Health | Countries: Iraq

Tags: Health Care Strengthening, Health Services, Demand Creation, Behavior Change, Program Design

USAID – Ebola Community Action Platform (E-CAP)

In response to the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, Another Option’s technical team is providing their expertise in behavior change communication and monitoring and evaluation to Women’s Campaign International (WCI), as the NGO works to prevent additional outbreaks of the life-threatening viral disease. The program is currently operating in nine counties in Liberia, in partnership with the Ministry of Health. As part of the program, Another Option developed an Ebola Stigma Toolkitto be used by community workers in Liberia.

Sector: Health, Emergency Response | Country: Liberia

Tags: Health Care Strengthening, Health Services, Social and Behavior Change, Prevention, Pandemic, Infectious Diseases, Social Mobilization, Material Development, Community Outreach, Training and Capacity Building, Africa, Liberia

FAO – Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Program

Driven by the Government of Egypt’s focus on the avian influenza, Another Option was part of a multi-sector team organizing an emergency preparedness response to the highly contagious vector in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Egyptian government’s general Office of Veterinarian Services.

Over three months, Another Option’s technical consultants developed a long-term Social and Behavior Change Communication Strategy based on a series of interviews with household farmers in areas at-risk for HPAI outbreak.

Sectors: Health, Emergency Response | Country: Egypt

Tags: Health Care Strengthening, Public Health, Health Services, Social and Behavior Change, Research, Evaluation, Emergency Prepareness, Middle East, Egypt, FAO, UN

WHO – Social and Behavior Change Communications Plan for the Maldives

In partnership with the World Health Organization and the Government of the Maldives, Another Option designed a Social and Behavior Change Strategy and Plan of Action to improve the government’s public health response to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) and infectious diseases. As part of the response, Another Option experts trained up public health officials in media relations. View the training guide here.

Sector: Health | Country: Maldives

Tags: Social and Behavior Change, Strategy Development, Public Health, Emergency Preparedness, Communication, Training, Media Relations, Non-Communicable Diseases, Infectious Diseases, WHO, South Asia, Maldives, UN