About Another Option

Another Option LLC is a woman-owned small business specializing in Social and Behavior Change. It offers a unique blend of innovation, and technical and management experience in addressing complex development issues.

The Another Option approach is cross-cutting and has been applied to critical issues in health, education, energy, and democracy and peace. It has a global reach with technical experts and organizations in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.

Staff Biographies

Dee Bennett

Founder and Managing Partner


Dee Bennett for the past two decades has designed and managed multi-million dollar USAID-funded behavior change and communication and social marketing projects in public health (infectious diseases and emerging pandemic threats), nutrition, and population, and energy and environment. Her communication to affect behavior change has a focus on advocacy and policy, risk communication, demand creation, and applied communication. She has developed several training modules on advocacy, risk communication, applied communication and media training and has extensive experience in Monitoring & Evaluation and research. Prior to her work in international development she was Vice-President and Director of Public Affairs at two Washington public relations agencies where she represented a wide variety of clients from commercial and private sector in public affairs and new product marketing. She also worked on Capitol Hill for two US Senators.

Sectors: Public health, Nutrition, Energy and Environment, Pandemic Influenza and Emerging Threats, Water and SanitationTechnical areas: Communication for Behavior Change, Advocacy, Policy, Commercial and Social Marketing, Risk Communication, Project Management, Strategic Design, Writer/Editor

Recent favorite accomplishment: “Designing and managing the communication component of USAID’s rapid response to the H1N1 pandemic influenza was the unique opportunity to go from 0 to 60 in real time with global consequences….Coupled with a terrific technical and ops team.”

Geographic Emphasis: Asia (SE, Central and South), Middle East, Africa, Central America, US/domestic

Rose Mary Romano

Managing Partner


Ms. Romano is an internationally recognized expert in behavior change and communication on public health and energy and environmental issues. She has designed and managed donor-funded programs in more than 12 countries and has lived in India and South Africa. Recently, she was the Senior VP for Fenton Communication, a social issue and environmental PR agency, and managed their portfolio for health and development. Ms. Romano helped create the successful TEDMED Great Challenges in Health Program which convened top expects in health and science; authored a report on trends in investment for global health and another report that reviewed 20 years of global communication programs on gender based violence prevention; and marketed a mobile phone tracking service for combating counterfeit drugs. As regional director in South Africa for AED, Ms. Romano oversaw donor programs that totaled US$ 40 million and included programs on HIV/AIDS, nutrition, maternal and child health, climate change and environment, malaria and gender based violence. While at AED, she designed and managed a number of communication training programs: including a 3 year contract for training World Bank executive staff. She also oversaw and managed 3 global trans-media projects: The African Media Broadcast Network’s Africa-wide Campaign on PMTCT; The Half the Sky NGO Video and Mobile Game production and the MTV SHUGA Project in Kenya.

Sectors: Public Health, HIV and AIDS, Maternal and Child Health, Malaria, Nutrition, Gender Based Violence Preventions, Cancer, Tobacco Control, Energy and Environment, Impact Investing. Areas: Communication for Behavior Change, Advocacy, Policy, Project Management, Strategic Design, Training and Capacity Building, Mass and Social Media, Public Relations.

Recent favorite accomplishment: A report on Trends in Giving for Global Health which examined traditional donor countries, BRICS countries, corporate and individual donors and impact investors. “I particularly enjoyed learning about impact investing from my interviews with range of finance, academic and non-profit experts. Bottom Line: there are some new and exciting options for funding global health program out there.”

Geographic Emphasis: Southern and Eastern Africa, South Asia and US/domestic.

Brian McCotter

Managing Partner


Brian McCotter is a strategic communications and project management expert with over 15 years of experience leading institutional and organizational change, conducting communication strategy design, development, and execution, as well as undertaking a wide variety of stakeholder mapping, analysis, and outreach campaigns. Working extensively in the areas of corporate communications and marketing, political risk management, and external communications, Mr. McCotter has undertaken a diversity of USAID, World Bank, and donor-funded projects. He has met with continued success in a wide variety of challenging cultural, political, and business environments including post-conflict zones. He also possesses a wide-ranging background in managing institutional and training needs assessments, and crafting and delivering capacity building programs as well as facilitation in a wide variety of sectors including: stakeholder research and participation, business communications, public relations, advocacy, and political risk. Prior to working in international development, he worked for the Promotions Department of Time Inc. in New York City overseeing a graphic design team for the marketing of magazines/publications. Mr. McCotter is a founder Member and Corporate Secretary for Partners for International Development, an Emory University/Atlanta-based NGO implementing USAID-funded programs in health sector reform in Tbilisi, Georgia (2003-present).

Sector Focus: Democracy and Governance, Economic Growth and Trade, Energy and Environment, Water and Sanitation, Public Health, and Pandemic Influenza and Emerging Threats.

Technical areas: Strategic Communications, Project Design and Management, Stakeholder Outreach and Awareness, Institutional Development and Capacity Building, Behavior Change Communications, Civic Education and Community Development, Political Risk Management, Advocacy, and, Social Marketing.

Recent favorite accomplishment: “Conducting a focus group under a massive baobab tree in Awiel West in Northern Bahr el Ghazal (South Sudan) to field test a civic education tool I drafted and designed for payam and boma officials with limited experience and literacy.”

Geographic Emphasis: Sub-Saharan Africa, Former-Soviet Union and the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa, and Asia (SE, Central and South).

Nyka Alexander



Nyka Alexander has 15 years of professional experience as a communicator working in both the private and public sector. Starting as a broadcast journalist with Canada’s parliamentary channel, she has since worked with the UN as a communications advisor, spokesperson and media trainer.

Sectors: Public Health, Disaster Preparedness and Response, Mining

Technical skills: Developing communication strategies, Crisis Communication, Political Analysis, Spokesperson, Media Training, Project Management, Writer

Recent favorite accomplishment: “Mentoring a young Haitian woman towards a career in public health advocacy.”

Geographic specialties: China, Southeast Asia, Canada, US, Haiti.


Project Design & Management

Branding, positioning, awareness, demand creation, promotion, message development, social and digital media, and traditional media relations are all aspects of strategic public relations. Each communication component is designed to reach the key audiences and to influence decisions and choices. Based on primary and secondary data, Another Option develops key messages and identifies the most effective channels to reach the target audiences and develop strategic plans that are cost-effective. Activities include material and message development, outreach, media relations, media training, and strategic planning.

Emergency and Risk Communication

As first responders are trained in how to respond to an emergency, officials and experts need to be prepared and trained in how to execute an emergency and risk communication response. What people hear and know and when they hear it are critical aspects to successfully managing an emergency situation. It also is important that who delivers the message is seen as credible and trustworthy. Another Option designs emergency and risk communication plans and guides the officials through the implementation and management of the activity. Another Option develops training guides and key messages as well as communication checklists; conducts media training and desktop exercises to prepare officials for disasters – man-made and natural.

Research, monitoring & evaluation

Program design begins with data and Another Option has extensive experience in designing qualitative and quantitative research to offer insights and information about key populations and segment audiences. 

The evidence is used to design effective programs, monitor and evaluate their progress, and to measure their impact. Another Option’s experts design performance monitoring plans, and evaluation studies.

Materials and Message Development

Encouraging consumers to reduce their energy consumption; use a bed-net properly, or change their farming practices requires more than just giving people facts.  Another Option develops messages and materials that are created through careful audience research. Evidence from audience research enables Another Option to uncover what is important to individuals; who and what influences their lives and the life choices they make; and what factors affect their ability to make changes and uses this information, to develops salient messages and appropriate materials for each audience.

Social Investment Guidance

Over the past decade, funding for development programs has undergone some radical changes; creating a complicated yet exciting world of new partners and sources of funding. Global development alliances, social investing, impact investing, social bonds, crowd-sourced funding (Kickstarter) and others have emerged as funding sources for programs, products and services. Another Option has helped clients navigate this new environment successfully to access resources for their programs.



How is homelessness a public health issue?

How do you reconstruct your life after the loss of a beloved husband, doctor and author?

Is music a prescription for mental health issues?

SARS, H5N1 virus, and Ebola are these threats to global security?

Technology innovations such as 3-D printers that build living tissue; bioengineered sensors that allow individuals to monitor their body chemistry are no longer futuristic but are tools on the verge of mainstream medicine care and treatment.

TEDMED the premier event for innovations in technology and medicine convenes the leading experts, patients, and families to share their experiences and discoveries.

In addition to bringing attention to technology and medicine TEDMED also identifies the rising innovators and their technologies to present at TEDMED and its Hive. TEDMED connects these technology leaders with investors to help bring these ideas to the market.

TEDMED’s year-long work culminates in its annual TEDMED event featuring the influencers and pioneer experts in their fields.  In 15-minute storytelling, these experts and patients state the problem, present the solution, and share the benefits mapping how it was done so others can adapt and learn from their experience. Presentation segments can be found on www.tedmed.com

For the past four years, Another Option has been proud to provide strategic public relations and communication support to TEDMED. In addition to media relations Another Option has created special projects to engage the on-line TEDMED community with TEDMED speakers.

TEDMED2017 will be held November 1-3 in Palm Springs, California.

Following are media coverage of TEDMED 2016 “What If…” ranging from BBC podcast Living Long and Mastering Aging to NPR program stories to print journalists such as Fast Company and The Washington Post to social media.

Fast Company

Washington Post


Sector: Health, Technology
Country: US

The World Bank Service Delivery Indicators



Another Option has provided strategic communication and technical support to World Banks Service Delivery Indicators Initiative, a unique 10-year program that measures the service delivery indicators in the health and education sectors in more than 10 African countries. In addition to developing the SDI website, Another Option is providing assistance in social and digital-media, message development, and technical support on country launches and media outreach. The program runs through the summer of 2014.

Tags: Communication, Branding, Digital-and Social Media, Message Development, Research, Indicators

Sectors: Health and Education

Countries: Global, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Senegal, Togo

The World Bank Gender-focus and Social Inclusion for Nutrition- and Food-Security in Hills and Terai of Nepal.


Another Option LLC and its Nepal partner, Right Direction Nepal, designed and conducted gender-focused qualitative research on breastfeeding and infant and young child feeding in the hills and terai of Nepal. The research findings will be used to design messages and materials for an effective Behavior Change Communication activity targeted to mothers, fathers, and mothers-in-law. The project runs through the summer of 2014.

Tags: Qualitative Research, Nutrition, Gender, Behavior Change Communication, Social Marketing

Sectors: Food Security, Nutrition Security, Gender

Country: Nepal

Nepal Report_Sept2014

USAID Office of Global Development Alliance (GDA) and Girl Rising Country Partnership

Another Option provided technical assistance in developing the proposal, designing the BCC country interventions and assisting with implementation planning for the Girl Rising Country Partnership in India, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria. This gender-focused public-private partnership initiative is to encourage and increase girls’ education. The project ran from October 2013 to February 2014.

Tags: Gender, Education, Public Private Partnership, Branding, Communication

Sector: Education

Countries: Nigeria, India, DRC

Tanzania Marketing and Communication (T-MARC)

A Tanzania-based social marketing and behavior change organization that specializes in a wide range of health and development issues is one of our newer clients. Another Option is providing technical assistance in new business development. AO is identifying new funders and donors among governments, foundations, and institutions as well as compatible strengths and services T-MARC can provide.

Tags: New Business, Strategic Communication, Positioning

Sectors: Health, Food-Security, Water and Sanitation

Country: Tanzania

UNAIDS Secretariat

Another Option will develop annual communication and public relation tools for the UNAIDS Communications and Global Advocacy Office. This is a three year contract.

Tags: Communication, Public Relations, HIV and AIDS, Advocacy, Writing and Editing

Country: Global

USAID Restoring the Environment through Prosperity, Livelihoods, and Conserving Ecosystems

As a member of dTS’s winning consortium, Another Option will be the technical lead in behavior change and communication in country projects. REPLACE is a five-year program running through 2019.

Tags: Behavior Change and Communication, Research, M&E, Strategic Design, Social and Digital Communication

Sector: Environment

Countries: Global and TBN

Insight Group – Amman, Jordan and Erbil, Iraq

Another Option provided communication technical assistant to the Insight Group that is designing communication messages and materials for the Primary Health Care Project in Iraq. The focus was on demand creation of services and products as part of the health services strengthening in Iraq.

Tags: Health Care Strengthening, Health Services, Demand Creation, Behavior Change

Sector: Health

Countries: Iraq

USAID’s Ebola-Community Action Platform (E-CAP)


Another Option’s technical team is providing technical assistance in behavior change communication and monitoring and evaluation to Women’s Campaign International (WCI). Working in nine counties in Liberia.

Tags: Health Care Strengthening, Health Services, Demand Creation, Behavior Change

Sector: Health

Countries: Liberia

Ebola Stigma Toolkit

Developed by Another Option under the USAID’s Ebola-Communication
Action Platform (E-CAP) in Liberia for Women’s Campaign International.
It is a final draft – typos and mistakes will be corrected!

Assessment and design a  behavior change communication plan to address H5N1 virus (avian influenza) in Egypt

December 2014 – January 2015

The Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H)PAI is a health focus by thegovernment of Egypt and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)Egypt office. For FAO and in collaboration with the government’s General Office of Veterinarian Services (GOVS) Another Option developed a long-term Social and Behavior Change Communication Strategy. Pictures show visits to live bird market in two governorates
and interviews with Sector 3 and household farmers.



World Health Organization and Government of Maldives – designed a Social and Behavior Change Strategy and Plan of Action to improve Public Health in Maldives with an emphasis on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) and Infectious Diseases.

WHO Maldives Spokesperson

USAID/Nepal Early Grade Reading Program – (2015-2019)


Another Option is a member of the technical team of the USAID/Nepal’s Early Grade Reading Program (EGRP) managed by RTI International. Under this five year task order, Another Option provides technical assistance in social and behavior change communication with an emphasis on mass media, advocacy and public awareness to increase family and community support for early grade reading. The overall goal is to improve reading outcomes for over one million learners in Nepali, as well as three mother tongue languages. EGRP is a Task Order under the Assistance to Basic Education: All Children Reading (ABE ACR).







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