Sound familiar…can you identify with this woman’s data trail?

NYTimes tracked One Woman’s Data Trail Diary ( and commented on how normal it probably is for most of us working souls. 

TIME Magazine dedicated an August edition to the digital state of the US and the world.

Yep, that’s us.

Technology in all forms is here to stay….so we need to adjust.

And with almost 60% of people in developing countries having access to smart devices of some form do their government leaders…and even development experts….under estimate the capability of their populations/citizens to use and benefit from emerging technologies.

Think B.I.G. folks. 

Communication professionals everywhere are grappling with how to monitor content and respond to misrepresentation and devastating rumors….USG and other governing bodies along with private companies, e.g., Google, FaceBook, are drawing lines on privacy, ownership, and censorship. Technology is moving much faster than policies, procedures, and regulations.

We need to contribute to setting the standards and the value of these technologies….not ignore them or be paralyzed by them.

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