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How well are education and health services performing in African countries, based on results for their own people?

Another Option is pleased to announce that we’ve once again been engaged by the World Bank to help communicate the results of the Service Delivery Indicators (SDI) initiative, which provides timely, accurate and rigorous data on public spending outcomes in African countries.

While access to providers has increased, the quality of services as yet remains uneven, and the end result of transactions, including how they relate to expenditures, is tough to measure.

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Coordinated by the World Bank and in partnership with in partnership with the African Economic Research Consortium and the African Development Bank, the Indicators gather actionable data on the quality of service delivery in primary schools and at frontline health facilities across countries and over time. The coalition launched in Kenya in 2013 and recently released results of its survey in Uganda, which were welcomed and discussed by leadership and the public.

Funders include World Bank, DFID, USAID, the Hewlett Foundation, and the Brookings Institution.

Another Option designed and populated the SDI web site; developed talking points and key messages for launch events; and developed materials and visuals for launches. In this new phase, we’ll be helping SDI further develop its web site, including blogs; launch and expand its social media presence; and advance its digital communication, including designing and producing a web dashboard and application.

We’ll also be covering milestone events for SDI:  The 10th anniversary of the Indicators effort, Steering Committee meeting and the release of survey results from Nigeria in mid-March.

We wrote about the World Bank’s Service Delivery Indicators (SDI)* inauguration in July with its first launch in Kenya.

SDI’s second launch was last month (November) in Uganda. The results, though sobering, were met with a positive response from the government and civil society.  Country influentials and leaders are serious about improving the quality of service in education and health care.

Since its first country launch, SDI has received additional funding from several donors – to be revealed at a later time! – and is expanding to other countries with a full schedule in 2014.

Next launch is end of January in Nigeria.

Another Option is very proud of its relationship with SDI.

Graphic courtesy of SDI

Graphic courtesy of SDI



*World Bank’s Service Delivery Indicators – a rigorous evidence-based tool that is a status report on health and education service delivery (www.sdindicators.org).


The World Bank launched in Nairobi today its new Service Delivery Indicators Initiative – www.sdindicators.org and @WBAfrica – a rigorous evidence-based tool that provides a status report on health and education service delivery.

Working initially in six countries – Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Togo, and Senegal – with plans to expand to a total of  30 African countries….SDI makes available to policy leaders and decision makers as well as the general public information (data) so they can adequately assess the quality of health and education services and help in making informed decisions related to resource allocations.

Twenty indicators – 10 in health and 10 in education –

Visit the web site – www.sdindicators.org and congratulations to WB for this unique initiative