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It has been an intense winter in the US especially in our central section and along the east coast.

Polar vortex was a new term to many of us when we heard it the first time in January of this year but now that we’ve been through it we won’t forget it and hope not to experience it again. It is now the second day of spring 2014 and though the sun is out and the temperature is warming up we have a prediction of snow again for next week.

Though I am as tired of winter – and snow – as anybody I also know the demands a large metropolitan area places on water reserves and water tables….water in any form…snow, ice, rain, even dew…should not be discounted or grumbled about.

I get the point about flooding.

The UN’s World Water Day is March 22 and for this year the link is being made between Water and Energy – these are interlinked and interdependent.

Energy needs water and water needs energy.

With demands for both growing and resources dwindling (think of California) it is not a matter of a good strong rain storm – or snow storm – but how each of us consumes and uses water and energy.

World Water Day 2014

World Water Day 2014


We can do more.

So stop grumbling.

Instead, see snow, rain, and sleet as building up the water table and helping to supply energy whether during a Polar Vortex or whatever new weather phenomenon we get to learn about during the dog days of summer.