Monthly Archives: January 2015

End of 2014 and the new year started in Egypt with visits to several live bird markets…or as one of my colleagues said “street markets that sell poultry”….The good news and the bad news is that – again I quote a colleagues – “you can find everything you want and don’t want” at these markets.

Spoken like a true public health professional.

Another Option was there under the auspices of UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Egypt where we worked with some amazing people from the government of Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture and GOVS (General Office for Veterinarian Services), governorate and district governments as well as the Ministry of Health and leadership at WHO. Our role was to develop a behavior change communication strategy to address HPAI (H5N1 virus).

We visited several live bird markets in Meyna and Qualibya and Cairo governorates…and in addition to the generosity of so many government officials we talked to household farmers – majority of whom are women and terrific businesswomen, Sector 3 farmers, and veterinarians at the community-level and other community leaders

We took the opportunity to talk with several household farmers at the market…my colleague who is a veterinarian conducted the interviews



Snapshot of the back of a transporter’s motorbike is piled high with caged poultry he brought to market in Meyna



Household farmers were very open to talking about their poultry business and their aspirations