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A quick update on the on-going field work in Nepal

Attached are pictures by the research and Another Option team taken in the far west of Nepal.

Include the landscape, interviews with influentials including a female religious or spiritual leader, and interior of a shop.

The team will be going to the terai next week….look forward to sharing those images and also the data



Nepal interview - field research

Nepal interview – field research

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Try your hand at the worksheet below. This exercise has been around for decades and it is a wonderful tool for teaching what the community wants versus what you think the community needs.
Take the test. How would you rank the top two priorities?community assessment 001 What do you think the community said. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Five-day training began on May Day (May 1) in Kathmandu for the field researchers.

As part of our work with World Bank we’re conducting qualitative research among various ethnic groups in the terai and far west (mountain region) of Nepal.

More details to follow about the program….but the build up to the training has been both exciting and intense….Sumi Devkota is Another Option’s program manager in Nepal and we’re partnering with Right Direction Nepal (RDN) a full-service research firm in Kathmandu led by Nischal Basnet.

And they’ve been terrific.

Five-days of training seems steep doesn’t it…?

But two-days of classroom on the subject matter (content) and behavior change and qualitative then to the field to pre-test, modify and finalize the instruments.

Boom….five days are done.

Out in the field next week…more pictures and anecdotes as this activity unfolds.

Thanks to all for making this happen

Informal pix to follow